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Still waiting for your upsell app to pay off?

If you’ve used an upsell app that slowed down your site, caused it to crash, then left you high and dry, we’re not suprised.

Most upsell apps…
Aren’t mobile responsive
“No mobile-specific design and I could not get it to work on mobile.”
- Customer of competing upsell app
Aren’t easy to use
“I am trying to make it as easy as possible for a customer to buy an upsell, not more confusing.”
- Customer of competing upsell app
Don’t load quickly
“Loads wayyyy too slow! takes 5-10 seconds before it shows in theme.”
- Customer of competing upsell app
Aren’t all-inclusive
“They say you can do one click upsells but you actually need another of their apps.”
- Customer of competing upsell app
Aren’t there when you need help
“They do not have 24 hour customer support. My store currently cannot process a sale.”
- Customer of competing upsell app

And here’s the other problem: most upsell apps are missing the ONE thing required to skyrocket your sales….

Post-purchase one click upsells.

They’re the most effective way to instantly increase your AOV, without hurting your conversion rate.


Because the offer appears right AFTER your customer has already bought from you, which means they’re more likely to buy, and there’s ZERO risk of losing the original sale!

Plus, with just ONE click, your customers can automatically add items to their order, WITHOUT re-entering their credit card information.

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Skyrocket your sales, without hurting your conversion rate

Thousands of Shopify stores are using the SMAR7 Bundle to instantly increase their AOV — and you can too, with our 7-day free trial. It takes seconds to set up, and most of our customers start seeing results within days or hours.

Mobile first
“One of the most sophisticated and clean looking upsell applications you will find. I've used many different options in the past, but none have worked as well or looked nearly as good on a mobile device than this one.”
- Sugoi Shirts
60 second set up, no coding needed
“I like the fact that it's very intuitive and easy to set up. There is also no need to get someone to alter the theme coding. So for the time saved I would give it 5 stars!”
- Greatvaluesg2co
Loads lightning fast
“Amazed with SMAR7 Bundle Upsells. It loads super fast and works seamlessly within my store’s checkout process. Love it.”
- Micheal Szapkiw
Everything you need to upsell intelligently
“This is a comprehensive app that is helping my store get off on the best foot possible. Highly recommend!”
- The Cashmere Cottage
World-class customer support, 24/7
“Saturday at 5pm support staff quick to answer and work with you until everything is working. This app is great and the support staff is outstanding.”
- Glander

See your sales skyrocket in 4 easy steps

Install the app
Get started in minutes with our 7-day free trial. No complicated steps or coding required.
Connect payments
We support Stripe, Braintree, PayPal and Authorize.net.
Choose your upsell
Choose pre or post-purchase upsell and the offer: free shipping, discount, or standard upsell.
Add your products + copy
Choose the products or categories that will trigger your upsell and the headline copy.
Start upselling!
Watch your sales skyrocket instantly.

Eyes of experts

One click is all it takes


With just one click, your customers can instantly add items (and incentives, like free shipping) to their orders. There’s no need to checkout again or re-enter their credit card information.

‘’Solid app, it literally makes us money everyday. The Setup is amazingly simple and it converts great. Can’t recommended it enough.’’
- Kitchen Brite

Increase your AOV with ZERO risk of losing the sale

With post-purchase upsells, you can instantly increase the amount of money each customer spends on your store, without annoying them or disrupting the original sale.

”Really great app, simple to use. It increased my average order value from $18 to $56. One of the best upsell apps out there”
- My Gadget Scout

See results within days (or even hours)

Within minutes, you can install the app and start seeing results. But don’t take it from us. Get our 7-day free trial and watch your AOV skyrocket before we charge you a single dime.

“Awesome upsell app, I've been getting results with it since day 1. Definitely recommend it! “
- Eshakk

So effective, it pays for itself (literally)

Many customers start seeing results during their 7-day free trial, which means they’re making money long before their subscription even starts.

“Awesome upsell app, I've been getting results with it since day 1. Definitely recommend it! “
- Dazzlin Fashion

Support that’s always responsive, from Day 1 to Day 100

The #1 reason our customers prefer us over other upsell apps? Our customer service. We’re fast, responsive, helpful, and will do just about anything to get you set up and seeing results.

“I've found the whole team and customer support/service outstanding, going above and beyond. Can't recommend them highly enough and their service is what every company should aspire to have!”
- The Original Flashpacker

Successful companies like Amazon are making billions with upsells — why aren’t you?

Did you know that the biggest brands in the world are all upselling you? Every time you order from Amazon, get a new iPhone, or buy a cheeseburger at McDonalds, you’re being upsold (and guess what? It works!).

“I never realized how people use this exact tactic on ME! But guys I tell you, it really increases your sales! The price may scare you, but if that scares you, try picturing all the sales you'll miss out on without the app!”
- Dremid

Amazon reported that 35% of it’s revenues were as a direct result of it’s cross sales and upselling efforts in 2006 (just imagine what it is today!).

Apple reported that they sold $19.9 billion worth of services to customers through Apple Care in 2015.

JetBlue’s “Even More Space” upsell initiative was projected to net JetBlue $190 million in additional revenue in 2014.
Candy Crush players spent $1.3 billion dollars on in-app upsells in 2014.
Shake Shack’s mobile-ordering app uses a “cut the line” upsell to increase average order size by 15%.
Spotify has upsold nearly half of their 157 million monthly active users to their premium ad-free product, as of 2018.

Used by stores that are making millions

Entrepreneurs like Logan Paul are already using SMAR7 Bundle Upsell to increase their sales, so what are you waiting for? If it works for their multi-million dollar stores, it’ll absolutely work for yours.

“Honestly, as soon as I heard that Logan Paul uses this app, I was sold. And boy, it was everything I expected but… more! No other app beats this.” -Wildfirecases

Why 10,000+ Shopify stores choose Smar7

These are just some of the reasons we’ve become one of the most popular upsell apps on the market.

  • Effective Instantly increase your sales in ONE click (without hurting your conversion rate)
  • Simple 60-second setup, no coding required, and fully customizable
  • Mobile-first Fully responsive on all devices - no more lost customers!
  • Clean design Looks beautiful and works seamlessly on your Shopify store
  • Fast + reliable Lightning fast - won’t slow down or crash your store
  • Affordable Pay one monthly price for everything - no limits, no restrictions

A complete «no-brainer» for successful store owners

“No-brainer if you want to increase sales”

“Great app. Really easy to use and is a no-brainer if you want to increase your sales”
- Quantumstore1

“Complete no-brainer”

“Great app for improving productivity and providing customers the opportunity to purchase complimentary items. Why wouldn’t you have this app? Complete no-brainer! Would definitely recommend.”
- Kopdat

“For me, it’s a no-brainer”

“Awesome app! Really helped our store out. It honestly pays for itself, so to me, it's a no-brainer.”
- Outdoortravels

“A no-brainer for any Shopify store owner”

“Easily the best upsell app on the market. The price of the average order on our store has gone up a TON, equating to more bang for our buck, or more money for our work, rather. The app seamlessly integrates with our custom theme, and makes it fun for the customer to add more products, making us more money! A no-brainer for any Shopify store owner.”
- Kittenaddiction

Everything you need to upsell intelligently and skyrocket your sales. One clear price.

Simple, straightforward pricing. No tricks, no gimmicks. Cancel at any time.

+ .25% transaction fee - for post-purchase upsells only
  • All-inclusive Get access to all upsells and features - no limits, no restrictions
  • More affordable Get everything you need to upsell for one clear price
  • Pays for itself Start making sales before you even pay us a dime
  • Cancel any time You can even cancel before your free trial is up, at no cost
  • Free bonus gift Get our copywriting guide ($50 value) for FREE when you sign up

"This is the first app that immediately proved that it works! My average order value is up by about 20%” - Steve Petusky

Stop losing money, start upselling

Instantly increase your sales from the traffic you already have with the SMAR7 Bundle.

Join 10,000+ happy store owners • 20% increase in revenue, on average

Start your 7-day free trial

** You Will Never Get Spam - We Protect Your Privacy