Patricia Protopapadakis   September 28, 2018

Eight Simple Apps That Can Skyrocket Your Store’s Conversions.

Are you at a loss because you have finally gained traction with incoming traffic but you can’t seem to figure out why you aren’t able to make any sales or even get any add to carts for that matter?

You are not alone.

Running a business is extremely complex and the rules of e-commerce are ever changing.

We have shed blood, sweat, and tears to construct the perfect list of Shopify apps to increase your stores’ conversion rates.

So sit back, try to relax, and take in the thoroughly constructed app list to start turning your shoppers into buyers.

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Today’s consumers expect lightning-fast results, site loading speeds are no exception.

“DoubleClick by Google found that 53% of mobile visits were abandoned if a page took longer than 3 seconds to load” (Wagner 2018).

One factor that causes slower loading times is a large graphics file size.  Most internet entrepreneurs are unaware of the destruction their site content is causing their business, cue Image Optimizer.

Image Optimizer not only compresses the large file sizes for you, but it will also help increase your Google ranking due to a decrease in bounce rates.

Learn more about Image Optimizer here:

shopify apps increase conversions


As the classic saying goes, “Dangling the carrot in front of …” your customers face with a free shipping offer is no new feat.

Psychologically, the perceived value of obtaining a good without putting any effort towards it is an invaluable reward for every consumer.

We live in the age of Amazon Prime and “free” expedited shipping, not to mention, research has shown that approximately 93% of consumers prefer free shipping over discounts (Rawlinson).

Keep up with the competition and give the people what they want, even if it means raising the price of your products a dollar or two.

*Conversion Hack*: phrase the free shipping deal as, “We Pay Shipping …”, it reminds your customers that there is still a cost, however, you are covering it for them.

Get your free shipping bar here:

increase shopify conversion


Having a successful business is mutually dependent on having a strong customer service presence.

One key to customer acquisition AND retention is expressing how your brand values include making your customer a priority.

Installing a live customer support chat will not only ease your visitors’ mind about the validity of your business and answer any questions they may have during their shopping experience in real time, but it can also turn that visitor into a buyer.

The American Marketing Association found that live chats increase conversions by 20% and the visitors who chat are three times more likely to buy!

Tidio is an all in one platform that gives you the option to use chat, email, and messenger in one organized dashboard. Tidio allows you to chat with customers when you’re out and about via their Android and Apple mobile apps, you can automate replies with certain trigger actions, and integrate with third-party applications such as MailChimp and Google Analytics.

Did we mention they offer a free plan?! Get Tidio here:

live chat app to increase conversion


Most of your sales are going to occur due to remarketing efforts, so why not make collecting emails easy?

Privy does!

Privy allows you to create incentivized exit intent pop-ups that help you grow your customer lists.

This app allows you to customize the pop up to fit your personal branding, when and where to place the pop-up and allows you to offer personalized discount codes to your visitors. Privy also integrates with an array of email service providers, cart abandonment services, and rewards programs.

You can start for free through the following link:

pop up app to increase shopify store conversion


One of the most common flaws amongst online businesses is underestimating the power of an image.

Images can either make or break a sale and even improve your SEO and performance. It is a no-brainer that amazing product images should be one of the top priorities for your store.

Bulk Image Edit by Hextom allows you to edit all of your images at one time so they are all uniform in the shape and size to avoid any suspicions about the products your customers may be ordering or the quality of your brand.

Bulk Image Edit also allows you to mark your images with Alt Text, which is an attribute added to an image tag in HTML – basically, it tells search engines what is contained in your image files so that way your store can be properly displayed in search results.

You can install a free plan here:

increase shopify store conversion


Your customers buying decisions are predominantly swayed by … product reviews.

Recent studies have shown that 90% of consumers largely base their purchases off of customer reviews (Gesenhues, 2013) and 88% of those buyers say that they trust those reviews, from strangers, as much as they trust a personal recommendation (DeMers, 2015).

Are you freaking out because you are a new business and don’t have customers to leave reviews?? Well, SMAR7 Product Reviews allows you to import reviews straight from Ali Express with, literally, the click of a single button.

Increase your visitors’ trust and turn those visitors into buyers with SMAR7 Product Reviews:

how to increase shopify sales


The fundamental element of your product page is ultimately, the add to cart button. It is the central, most important feature on your product page because it leads to the final goal of purchase.

Why not make it easy for your customer to simply do just that, purchase?

With the sticky add to cart, your customer can easily add the item to their cart while they are scrolling and looking at your killer product reviews or reading descriptions that need your item now.

Improve your user experience here:

app to increase shopify store sales


Want a psychological trigger to make your customer add an item to their cart?

Well, look no further than the SMAR7 Scarcity app!

This app harnesses the scarcity tactic that will ultimately lead to increased conversions. Just like the sticky add to cart, this timer will also follow your customer down the page reminding them that time’s a ticking, better buy now before you miss your opportunity!

The SMAR7 team has successfully achieved the sharp, professional look other scarcity timers lack, so it won’t disrupt the sleek appearance of your brand.

Turn your shoppers into buyers with SMAR7 Scarcity here:

countdown timer to increase ecommerce sales

Well there you have it, friends, now go install these apps and watch the cash flow in! Maybe while you’re at it, find a muffin-making cat to really live the life of luxury!

how to increase shopify sales

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