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5 Reasons Your Facebook Ads Aren’t Getting Approved, And How To Avoid Them

I think all 3 million entrepreneurs and marketers that run ads on Facebook can agree: Running ads on Facebook is one of the most efficient ways to generate leads, build brand engagement, and increase conversions. Another thing agreed upon: Ever since the news of the Cambridge Analytical scandal broke out a little over a year […]

#MotivationMonday – Austin’s Electronics Store Breaks $100,000.00 In 30 Days

In today’s #MotivationMonday our student Austin Eckman will be breaking down how he built a 6-Figure Shopify store in 30 days flat See how he’s done it, his best advice and the tools he used to quickly scale to $100K We were lucky that he was local and was kind enough to come over to our […]

SMART Recommends: Books, Blogs & Podcasts To Help You Succeed

Ask any successful entrepreneur or executive the key to their success. They will all say continual learning. Learning is a process that goes beyond reading a book and moving on. It’s best to develop a basic understanding of the material and build upon it with more resources. Podcasts, audiobooks, and video tutorials are equally, if […]