Devin Zander   March 11, 2019

#MotivationMonday – Austin’s Electronics Store Breaks $100,000.00 In 30 Days

In today’s #MotivationMonday our student Austin Eckman will be breaking down how he built a 6-Figure Shopify store in 30 days flat

See how he’s done it, his best advice and the tools he used to quickly scale to $100K

We were lucky that he was local and was kind enough to come over to our office for a quick shoot 🙂

Don’t forget to comment below and congratulate Austin and also let us know what you think or would like to see next!

Thanks for being a part of the #SMARTFamily!

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30 thoughts on “#MotivationMonday – Austin’s Electronics Store Breaks $100,000.00 In 30 Days

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30 Responses


March 11, 20195:24 pm

Congrats Austin! Enjoyed your humble, encouraging words, Devin, when you said, ” We are nothing special and anyone can do this.”

Anthony escandon

March 11, 20196:09 pm

Love the concept of the idea will love to get it be under your wing and learn a lot from the best, thank you


March 11, 20196:33 pm

Congratulations Austin

David Smith

March 11, 20197:07 pm

Great interview Devin and Austin. Thanks a lot for sharing!
You’re right when you said, it’s a business, and you have to take it seriously.

Craig Carroll

March 11, 20198:02 pm

A great message to the ones starting out in E com shop that you can do it. Congratulate Austin.


March 11, 20198:57 pm

LOVE the idea of adding in more value to a product via educational content. Well done Austin!


March 12, 20191:51 am

Can someone add subtitles to this video? please. And if it’s Spanish much better. Thank you

    Devin Zander

    March 12, 201911:50 am

    Hi there, we’ll take this into consideration and see what we can do!


March 12, 20192:05 am

Well done Austin


March 12, 201910:45 am

Congrats Austin! I was wondering have are you integrating ClickFunnels with Shopify? What app are you using and how are you fulfilling on the back-end?

    Devin Zander

    March 12, 201911:50 am

    Hey William, they do a CSV upload to fulfill their orders


March 12, 20191:33 pm

Congratulations Austin! I needed this Thanks Guys!


March 12, 20196:07 pm

Congratulations !
Thanks for sharing !
I will keep on trying, hopefully those advices will Bring me to be the one sitting there one day.
Let’s find problems to solve 😉

richard coles

March 12, 201911:01 pm

I really do appreciate the interview gentleman and definitely congratulations Austin. I’ve had my store now for close to a year and it’s sad to say that I have not put in very much effort at all because I let my job distract me from everything. I just cannot see working for anyone else for the rest of my life and I am starting to take my business serious now.

    Devin Zander

    March 13, 20195:13 pm

    Smart move Richard, work hard and make it happen!

Olya Copan

March 13, 20192:47 pm

Congratulations Austin! Great interview Devin and Austin! Very encouraging. Thank you both for your humble attitude and wise words. You both are very special for that reason!

    Devin Zander

    March 13, 20195:14 pm

    Glad you enjoyed it, we think you’re special as well!

Peter Vann

March 14, 20192:57 pm

Sightly off-topic, but I’m curious – is Austin’s shirt by B. Kliban?

And of course, congrats to Austin and thanks for this info!


March 15, 20191:50 pm

The best part of this was when you mentioned a competitor who is also a good friend. Loved that!

    Devin Zander

    March 16, 20192:38 pm

    Competition is a good thing 🙂 ensures the end users get the best product possible

Dan Hemenway

March 18, 20191:08 am

Great video! What smart app helps me set up a funnel?

    Patricia Protopapadakis

    March 20, 20199:38 am

    Hey Dan! None of our apps would help set up your funnel but they are great for automating the bulk of your work day and increasing the average order value 🙂


May 4, 20197:19 am

Wow, Inspirational! Congratulations Austin!