Devin Zander   May 27, 2017

Not Profitable? Here’s A Simple Way To Increase Conversion AND Boost Your Average Order Value.

You’re running ads and you’ve made a few sales… Yet you’re still not profitable… You’re SO CLOSE you can literally taste it, you can feel profitability breathing on the back of your neck, yet you’re falling just short…

Sound familiar? Yeah, a lot of store owners face this same problem

So today, we’re going to show you how we use gamified (we turn it into a game) upsells to do two awesome things

  • Boost our average order value (the amount of money a customer spends at our store)
  • Increase conversions by making spending more money “fun”

So watch the video above and see how it’s done, now it’s time to grab control of your profitability and you know… “Make it your biatch”

The app mentioned in the video (that we use to accomplish all of this) is called SMAR7 Bundle

And  you can try it out absolutely risk free with our 30-Day trial by clicking this line!

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11 thoughts on “Not Profitable? Here’s A Simple Way To Increase Conversion AND Boost Your Average Order Value.

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11 Responses

Dave Warren

September 10, 20173:43 pm

Does this ONLY show the upsell on the checkout page? I have tried those before with terrible conversion rates. Promoting, for example, a buy one, get on at % off on the product page works much better for us.

    Devin Zander

    September 10, 20179:19 pm

    Hey Dave, we only support on checkout for the best customer experience!


September 14, 20174:28 pm If you use your app how do you get it to show on your store? Can you use independly from your store? Thks Kathee

    Devin Zander

    September 20, 20177:21 pm

    Hey Kathee, just install it via the app store!

Piper Winifred

October 16, 20172:38 pm

This is very helpful, thank you. I’ve only had a few sales. I opened my shop in August and I’m an apparel business, making (and designing) my own line, not using drop shipping. I like this idea, but I’m not sure I can use this since I’m not making purses or socks, etc. I’m having a difficult time figuring out what I would bundle since I’m not going to add all sorts of extra things. In fact, in the beginning, I had extra accessories, and no one clicked on them, they only clicked on my fashion items. Would I add drop ship items to my store just so I can bundle? That seems weird. but if it’s the answer, then I’m open to the idea. The only other way I can bundle, that I can think of is to suggest that people add a blanket shawl to their kimono dress order so they’ll be warm, for instance. Or to add a second item as a gift.

Vanda Hughes

November 10, 20175:33 am

Interesting I have free shipping may test taking it away as suggested great info thank you.


December 13, 20173:09 am

I have two questions!! Do i can use Shopify without SSN? And second much money do i need before start Shopify? For ads


sambal vatsa

January 22, 20181:11 pm

please send me your course link of $9 facebook ad course …i want to purchase it ..please send me the link at sambal.vatsa

thanks devin


May 1, 20184:12 pm

Thank you. Im new at this so I appreciate the help.

Sally Crawford

July 4, 20188:59 pm

Thanks a great Video thanks a lot


August 10, 20185:43 am

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