Devin Zander   June 27, 2017

Facebook Is Trying REALLY HARD To Send You Sales, Here’s How You Can Let Them (Part 1)

Hey there, Devin Zander here!

King of the conceivable universe (just kidding, if anything I’m the king of dogs. Mostly Boston Terriers)

So, you don’t know a single thing about Facebook ads? That’s okay… We all started there, hell a lot of people don’t even realize there are ads on Facebook to this day and think it’s all just content!

Now you’re in luck, I have absolutely awesome news for you!

You see, Facebook REALLY WANTS TO HELP YOU MAKE SALES! Obviously, it makes sense, if they can help you make sales, then you’ll spend more money on their advertising service!

So what they’ve done is spent years and I’m sure hundreds of millions of dollars developing the absolute best advertising platform on the planet… And with that, they developed what they call “The Facebook Pixel” which is constantly tracking everything people do on your website and using that data to BETTER SERVE ADS

For instance, if you have people purchasing stuff on your website, Facebook will track their purchases and how much money they spend on your website

Facebook will then take that data and go back to their ad platform, then they’ll try to find people who are as SIMILAR AS POSSIBLE to that person to ensure that everyone who sees your ads are EXTREMELY LIKELY TO PURCHASE

Make sense?


Now watch the video above so you can understand it fully

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180 thoughts on “Facebook Is Trying REALLY HARD To Send You Sales, Here’s How You Can Let Them (Part 1)

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180 Responses


August 3, 20173:25 pm

Nice way to break down how Facebook ads works for you. Thanks for the great video ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿฝ

Kevin Vaughan

August 6, 20171:01 pm

Great info. I was not aware of the FB pixel before. It has been implemented immediately. Thanks for your help.


August 6, 20173:45 pm

Thanks for the video! How about ppe ads? Does more social proof help to lower ad cost?

    Devin Zander

    August 6, 20175:55 pm

    I don’t waste time with PPE, I just go straight to website conversion

      Anthony Kelly

      November 7, 20172:17 am

      Could you let us know why you skip PPE?
      Just does not work for you? Better outcomes elsewhere?


August 9, 20175:04 pm

Very good, Devin. I sold my brick and mortar business a year ago and hate retirement. I would very much like to get into the internet sales business. But, I’m totally confused. I’ve watched a dozen
“pitches” and every one “appears” to be a winner (and pretty much says the other ways are a scam). Some say emails are the way, others FACEBOOK, and others suggest Amazon. I’m ready to pull the trigger on my next adventure but I’m totally confused. Any advise.

    Devin Zander

    August 9, 20175:35 pm

    Build a Shopify store and run Facebook ads

    Learn how to build a store and a brand around it and there ya go ๐Ÿ˜€

Steven Daniels

August 22, 20173:53 pm

Nice simple explanation, great stuff.


August 22, 20175:49 pm

Thanks BIG time! I had a somewhat understanding however now I get it!


August 22, 201710:36 pm

Super easy to understand. Thank you so muc! Looking forward to Part 2.


August 23, 20173:20 am

Great video again and very informative. Great work Devin !


August 23, 20179:30 am

you’re truly a just right webmaster. The site loading speed is incredible. It kind of feels that you are doing any distinctive trick. In addition, The contents are masterpiece. you’ve performed a magnificent task in this subject! dafdkcdebgde

Dave Lumpkin

August 24, 20172:15 pm

Good video, just wish I understood it better. I’m on the Ads Manager site, but I don’t see the pixels on the right side of the page so therefore I can’t copy and paste it into Shopify. So if you can help with this I would really appreciate it.

Thank you,

    Devin Zander

    August 24, 20175:00 pm

    Hey Dave, make sure you’re in the Facebook business manager!

Antonio Smith

August 24, 20173:26 pm

Thank you for this video Devin. I got this email at the right time. Before I found you, I was advised to add my pixel code t my theme.liquid in the head tag but you mention that I only need to add it in the checkout box. Does this mean I am duplicating results?



    Devin Zander

    August 24, 20173:27 pm

    Hey Antonio, you don’t need to add it in your Checkout box, just go into your storefront settings and only place the pixel there

Bob Taia

August 24, 20177:38 pm

Hi mate I m new to all this.And I need help so I know
Were to start thank you

SMAR7 Apps

August 28, 20177:26 pm

[…] them can be directly attributed to your ad. You also want to find out who window shopped and left. The Facebook Pixel helps you do just that. Itโ€™s a tiny snippet of delicious code that you install on your Facebook Shopify […]


August 28, 20179:13 pm

Thank you Devin for helping me understand the pixel concept better.


September 5, 20172:12 am

Great info Devin, thanks. I’m about ready to join shopify

SMAR7 Apps

September 6, 20177:07 pm

[…] and interests. Now you are used to targeting people whose information you have acquired, but the Facebook pixel allows you to target people you have absolutely no information about, but who are most certainly in […]


September 8, 20176:20 pm

Thank you for that explanation!! I implemented the FB pixel, but didn’t really understand completely was it’s set up to do !! Thanks so much!

David Merrick

September 11, 20174:53 pm


David Burleigh

September 11, 201711:17 pm

I’m doing network marketing on the internet. What things are different in doing that as opposed to Shopify or affiliate marketing?

    Devin Zander

    September 12, 20174:22 pm

    I mean, Shopify is building an eCommerce brand so… That’s how it’s different :p

Rob Sutton

September 15, 20175:02 am

Where do I find that FB pixel again?

    Devin Zander

    September 20, 20177:21 pm

    In your business manager under the “assets” tab


September 22, 20177:34 am

wow how i like the pixel, i do it always. Anyway i have just run an ad for the last 17hrs, it has 700 impression, 40 clicks and 2 conversions as per data but no sale. What should i do next?

Christian Calvin

September 25, 20174:33 am

Thank for sharing. Good stuff. I appreciate you sharing and taking the time.


albert widmer ambila

September 25, 20177:37 am

Thanks for the information Devin. You always don’t disappoint us in any training.


September 27, 20173:54 am

Thank god,, now I get it, thank you for explaining what a pixel is

Henry Thomas

September 30, 20175:33 pm

Where on my Shopify store should I paste the pixel that is copied from Facebook? You was not clear on that. You only say paste to Shopify store after copy.

Sam Lockyer

October 1, 20176:28 am

Best explanation of the FB pixel. I now understand it..



October 3, 20173:33 pm

Very helpful thank you

Borgny Hovland

October 9, 201711:37 am

Thank you Devin, very good information tip!

Jesse Mazzola

October 9, 20171:19 pm

Great video! Although at the end there was something mentioned before that I wanted some clarity on. At the 6:00 mark in the video, Devin mentioned how for a new store/pixel that, when running a conversion ad choose View Content first..and then when you get 100 View Contents then sworn over to Add To Cart and so on. However, in one of Devin’s Action Map training videos (that I’ve watched), he mentioned the same thing but he said it with a small difference in the process and that was choose ViewContent first and when you get 100 Add To Carts THEN switch over to Add To Cart?!

So, I’m a little confused about which process is the correct way to go. Choose View Content and when you get 100 View Contents THEN go to Add To Cart OR…choose View Content then switch over to Add To Cart ONLY IF AND WHEN you get 100 Add To Carts beforehand?

Gus mclean

October 18, 20173:28 pm

Good piece of information that I did mot know about

Beatrix Rochat

October 24, 201712:28 pm

Thank you so much! I have a better understanding of how fb works. Looking forward to your next presentation.


October 27, 20173:34 pm

Please throw away that pen and get a new one


October 27, 20178:10 pm

understand fb pixel now ๐Ÿ™‚


October 31, 20179:39 pm

What I was looking for thanks

Oludayo Bello

November 2, 20171:42 pm

You rock man, you are always giving out cool stuffs. You are appreciated.

My main problem is how to get the exact audience when you are just getting started with FB ADs…Can put more light into this? Regards


November 2, 20177:28 pm

There is so much to learn. You make the information logical to understand better. Thank you


November 3, 20173:29 pm

Nice to see something that can be a bit intimidating explained so clearly. ๐Ÿ™‚


November 6, 20175:04 am

I need help with my Facebook avertising

Anthony Kelly

November 7, 20172:15 am

Thank you for the information. informative as always.
Just one thing, if I may.
I find part of my concentration wandering to thinking “Jeez. I wish he would get a marker with ink in it, or a whiteboard that works”.
Seriously Devin this going over a letter three of four times to make it show is a tad stone-age.
Blackboards and chalk worked great for generations, are as cheap as chips and guess what?? Legible.
Apart from that rant – great stuff.
Thank you

Ellen Ianson

November 7, 20175:10 pm

Can facebook help me if I have any problems with pixel. Thank you.

Vanda Hughes

November 10, 20175:04 am

Great simple information till the last .
Thank you.

Vladimir Sarser

November 13, 201710:55 pm

Hey Devin, I’m a bit confused. when you run your Facebook Ads you don’t run for Traffic, and go directly for conversions in you Campaign? is that what you are saying? reason why I asked is that I watched you cool Boston terrier trainnig vid and you were talking about Traffic campaigns. So to clarify. Would you simply run the conversion campaign rather then traffic campaign? Is there a reason why I should be running traffic and conversions campaigns at the same time? or is it a waste of money/time?

Sandy Sereno

November 22, 20177:50 pm

Thank you that was very informative


November 28, 20174:22 pm

I trying really hard to work hard. to get ads on Facebook please help me out

Greg Lespes

November 30, 20174:47 pm

Hello Devin how long do we run the VC ad? I ran one for 3 days and only got 3 add to carts, should I then create an ad set for add to carts or just should have killed that campaign?…


December 1, 20173:14 am

Thank you Devin. I appreciate your teaching style and how you are thorough and speak in terms I understand. Things always seem so complicated until you explain them!


December 6, 20173:10 am

So when moving from one conversion to the next are you starting a new ad set or ad? Or are you editing your ad set to the new conversion?
Ad 1 for content views -> reach 100 end ad
Ad 2 for add to cart – > reach 100 end ad
Ad 2 for purchase – > reach 100 and keep going with it


Ad 1 for content views -> reach 100
Ad 1 edit ad set for add to cart – > reach 100
Ad 1 edit ad set for purchase – > reach 100 and keep going with it

No one ever touches on this.


December 11, 201712:24 pm

Great video !!!
Is the fact that l narrow my audience is not damaging the facebook pixel algorithm?
Is it needed to allow facebook to expand interests in the campaign audience adjustments ?


December 13, 20179:02 am

Awesome, thanks for the video. You need to


December 14, 20179:36 am

So Devine. When i run conversion adsets for VC. Once i get 100 ATC, i run ads for ATC conversions. QUESTION
1. Do i edit the VC adsets and turn them to ATC objectives or do i run new objectives for ATC?
Great job. First guy to hit the nail on the head.


December 18, 20176:59 pm

I’ trying to set up my shopify store and am in Facebook. I’m trying to get to facebook business which I did but were do you go from here to get to audiance insight? I don’t see the button or link to where you went in your video.

Melanie Marcano

December 22, 20174:50 pm

Hi Devin,

I want incorporate Golf or Tennis products with Oberlo products. Can that happen?

Veena ROY

December 24, 20173:11 pm

Smart family with a smart trainer who made Facebook pixel app cristal clear to me.

Thank you Devin. Most helpful.

Kevin Nowacki

December 26, 20174:16 am

It’s like machine learning, I think that’s what it’s called? Very interesting, Thanks Devin


December 28, 201711:39 am

The Facebook Pixel brought home matter of factly!!! Thanks Devin

Kaseigh Long

January 2, 20184:49 pm

Are there any screen shots of where the pixel lives and a step by step on where to place it?

John Eidam

January 5, 20184:40 am

Thanks for the video explanation. Simplified enough to understand.

Jeff Baker

January 7, 20183:27 am

Thanks for the video.

Veronica A Breeze

January 7, 20185:49 pm

This is great information! It helped me to understand how FB Pixel works. Thanks Guys!

Mike baxted

January 8, 20183:54 am

I started my shopify store while on holiday in Thailand because I have the time to dedicate to the biz. Now I get the feeling Facebook thinks I’m in Thailand and is targeting my advertising in Thailand, just the place where people can not afford my product. Also Google won’t even talk to me without doing so in the thai do I fix this snag? Or is it a snag?


January 11, 20188:41 pm

i have looked for the ads manager and i can’t find it, what do i do to either find it or download it to my store? thank you for your help, ROBERT.

Sean smith

January 16, 20185:17 pm

Hey Devin Sean smith here I was wondering I am having some problems with the promoting tab on facebook I have bought your full coaching i think Iโ€™m getting closer to a good niche now itโ€™s not so much drop shopping at all. Itโ€™s more along the lines of metal rust surface cleaning. I am trying to understand this program fully there is the making ad and installing your ap on the facebook ad that Iโ€™m having problems with. My phone number is 780-964-1826 I was wondering if maybe we could set up a really quick chat on just how to get it up and running. If we could set an appointment up that would be awesome thanks


January 19, 20181:46 pm

Hey Devin.. great, great stuff ๐Ÿ™‚

Question for ya:

My FB pixel is currently being displayed on a dating/attraction site I own. I’ve just added this same pixel to my
shopify store. How would I be able to tell which is which, when I go to see page views and view content in the
FB Ad manager?

How would I be able to distinguish the data, with it being shown from my dating site and my shopify store?
Because right now, all I see is statistics which could account for either site.

Hope this makes sense.

Lennard Stansbury

January 19, 20184:06 pm

Starting refurbished furniture business looking to advertise it can u help


January 24, 20188:46 pm

Hi, Devan, I’m new at all of this, but I am learning. I have a Shopify store and I’ll see how it does. thanks

Herman Williams

January 30, 20188:56 pm

Excellent video very informative.

John green

February 1, 201810:58 pm

Thanks for the information. Your information is always super helpful at helping me learn and understand about e-commerce.

deborah dowling

February 5, 20185:16 pm

Thanks for sharing this powerful presentation.

Neil Mcintyre

February 21, 20185:53 am

good content – succinct


February 23, 20184:59 pm

thank you! always very helpful!

Tiffany macdonald

February 24, 20184:58 pm

Thanks for putting them in order for me. Ive been using them all, I was jusst switching them up, back and forth.

Jack Scheffler

February 27, 20184:41 pm

Great Information THANKS

Andrea Kaschmitter

March 3, 20185:10 pm

Thanks for the breakdown

Gene Kephart

March 6, 20184:19 pm

Ran ads for couple weeks people went through my shop by store and nobody buying So why are people not buying if they are not buying cannot afford to run ads

Betsy Reinke

March 9, 20187:10 pm

Well at least I understand what a pixel does now….thanks! Although I am not sure if I am using it correctly with my Shopify Store and Facebook. I’ll go check it out since you also explained how to add the pixel to Shopify. This was really helpful to me.

Roberta Kinslow

March 11, 20188:58 pm

Thanks for helping me understand a little bit more about the function of the FB pixel. So really what needs to happen is you need to run ads constantly on FB in order to keep the pixel working, thereby having to spend more money. Wow, for someone struggling already this is not too kosher. Well, ok, moving on to more videos, Sincerely, Roberta

Maitland Dethrow

March 14, 20181:19 pm

I think this is great I am working on setting everything up in Shopify. I would like to ask for a link to view your live stream from 3-13-18 as I was unable to attend.

Thanks for the great content

Stoica Marius

March 15, 20185:35 pm

Very cool stuf,with facebook pixel,y’m going to do my self!thank you Devin zander!๐Ÿ˜Š


March 17, 20184:05 am

more please

Paula lynn Barry

March 19, 20181:40 am

Hope this helps canโ€™t wait to see my store running


March 29, 20181:43 pm

Great video! The explanation was clear, concise, brief and easy to understand. Look forward to learning more!

Debbie Nelson

April 8, 20183:18 am

How do you get a store. I must of missed the beginning

Jeannie Evans

April 10, 20189:37 pm

Thank you Devin. A lightbulb moment for me. Now to get busy!

Paul B

April 11, 20184:26 pm

Great info. Thanks for the video.


April 14, 20183:14 pm

This will be my first ad spend. Excited!


April 18, 20183:00 pm

You discussed what the pixel is, which I understand. But you didn’t discuss how to start using the pixels. So I’ve set up an Ad on Facebook. Saw a lot of views (VC). What do I do next? Is there something I do next to go to the next step, ATC, add to cart?

Lana Brown

April 23, 201812:44 pm

It says add products where are they?


April 23, 20184:15 pm

Thanks, Devin!!! ๐Ÿ˜€ Do you need to necessarily go in that order when you’re creating ads? Or can you jump straight to Purchase pixel set-up?

steve Hickmott

April 29, 20182:33 pm

Hi, Great video and very helpful cant wait to get my store launched and start using these tools, thanks again for your time and sharing this valuable info, Steve.

Millie Dunbar

April 29, 20185:21 pm

Very informative. How much to get your help?


May 4, 201811:01 am

This was easy to understand and was really good.

Radu S

May 4, 201812:23 pm

Hi Devin,

Really cool video with great content. So I have started my Shopify Store ( RADKO COLLECTION ) and I have started running fb ads, I did go with the conversion and then selected purchase. I have had views but no purchases. I know that I am doing something wrong, I just donโ€™t know what it is. Also when you have a bit of time could take a look at my website and see if you like it or not and maybe give me S ome advice, it would really help me a lot.

Thank you for reading this.

Kind Regards
Radu S


May 5, 20184:55 am

Thanks Devin, I am an absolute beginner and I understand what you are saying here in a very basic way! I am unsure about the difference between ATC and PUR is. Do people ATC and then not continue to PUR?

Justin Wright

May 7, 20184:30 pm

Awesome thanks really helpful and full of information thank you very much

Mrs Denise Johnson

May 9, 20183:52 am

I was have issues adding my pixels on the FB end

Luis Minier

May 11, 20185:02 am

Thanks, please send me Part 2.


May 13, 201812:12 am

Thank you, first time in long time all the fluff has been omitted and your explanation made sense in a fraction of the time.

Tejender Sidhu

May 14, 20188:44 pm

I tried this method, didn’t work for me.


May 24, 20182:44 pm

Interested in knowing how might be applied to existing store that sells DIY gourmet-in-minutes packaged soups, baked goods, seasonings. We have over 40 individual products. Want to transition from mainly event vending company to online business. Have a little over 600 online customers, really need to reach many many thousands more people. Not sure about fit here. Would you advise? Thank you, Don

sandra rimmer

May 24, 20187:52 pm

This is only for a seasonal pixel. I saw your first video on what to choose for when running ads on a new pixel( which is what Ill be doing for a new store), Is there a different step now to follow?

Are you saying if you pick PUR conversion and you run an ad, Facebook will see this is a new pixel and automatically run a VC conversion?

Joshua Meginnis

May 25, 20186:57 am

You sure know what you’re talking about. Everyone is going to soon be visiting your site.


May 30, 20181:03 am

Man, I have been watching Facebook pixel videos for three days and still didn’t have an understanding what the pixel was all about. I watched your video and in five minutes understand what the pixel is all about. Thank you.

Jimmy Lee

May 31, 20187:15 am

Inspiring stuff! Iโ€™ve been watching videos about dropshipping with Spotify for a while now, and I think itโ€™s time to do it. Thanks for the great information, Devin!

Allen Blankenship

June 3, 201811:06 pm

Hey Kevin, that is one of the best FB pixel explanation I’ve watched to date. WTG!

Temple Pacey

June 8, 201812:12 pm

Would you like fries with that?


June 9, 20189:41 pm

Great information, thank you…


June 12, 20189:39 am

Thanks , i saw the comments below and you said that you don’t waste time with ppe ads which means that you don’t have any social proof on your ads ? you’re going strait to WC with 0 Likes,comments , shares ?

Jeani Dupuis

June 15, 201811:47 pm

Thank you for your content. I am looking through it in hopes of learning how to jump start this and start seeing sales.


June 20, 20186:07 pm


April Boone

June 21, 20186:36 pm

Great video! Facebook Pixel was explained in a way that I could understand. Our shop has been open almost two weeks and I canโ€™t wait to use Facebook Pixel! Thank you so much for this information!


June 21, 20189:32 pm

Great Video

Kelvin Harris

June 22, 201812:21 am

Thank you for the information and I hope to put this into action in the future.

Todd Toure

June 22, 201810:58 pm

They ” found3 more people like Todd huh? Lol

Todd Toure

June 22, 201811:00 pm

Greatly appreciated Devin!

Todd Toure

June 22, 201811:15 pm

YOU Are a Blessing.
Big time.
I am going to stick with you Brother.


June 25, 20189:43 pm

When I add items to my shopify store and start advertising, if some wants to purchase that item is it the seller that sends them or do I have to have the inventory?


June 26, 20184:57 pm

Thank you, for informative easy to follow content!


July 13, 20181:37 pm

Your entire program looks fantastic! But what of us who can’t raise the funds to start ?

Kathleen Westbrook

July 14, 20187:49 pm

That makes sense, but I’m having trouble with set up, computer systems. For 12 years I had an accounting business using computers just fine. Sold it and retired-about 13 years ago It seems everything has advanced a lot in that time, and at 88 presently I’m not up with the hows. The program does’nt seem to be working yet, probably need to hock up something, what??

Elizabeth Ablett

July 14, 201810:43 pm

Looks very promising. let’s see what would be in reality.


July 15, 20183:11 pm

Thank you for the pixel video! Make a move at 100 at a time and do conversion type ads!

Deniese K, Kegley

July 26, 20185:36 pm

Thank You,

Carole Mcguinness

July 29, 20187:44 pm

Thanks Devin, that has helped explain things a lot – I would be interested to know what results you look for from each ad to decide if they are successful and if you should keep running them or not?


July 30, 20182:43 am


Lori Humprhey

July 31, 20189:34 pm

Thanks for the video! Great explanation of FB pixels for those of us who are just starting out.

Paul Vee

August 2, 20185:56 am

Great “Dummies” guide to FB Pixels! You explained that in a simple and easy format – appreciated!

Sandra England

August 8, 201810:48 pm

I find your videos to be quite helpfully but they are a little difficult to see. Can you make them a little larger and darker print.


August 9, 20186:30 pm

Thanks for a very interesting video


August 10, 201812:49 am

Hi Devin, thanks for the easy to understand pixel explanation. My question is what is the best way to run a product campaign? eg. – is it best to start with VC (until you get 100 clicks) then duplicate that ad set to ATC (until 100 clicks ) then duplicate that ad set to PUR.

many thanks

Claudio Ghisoni

August 13, 20184:06 am

VC, ATC and PUR … The way you have explained this it sounds like Facebook is collecting the same data (profile) each time, but does the profile of the Filtering/Finding change?… ie if the customer adds a light bulb to Cart does Facebook find people that like lighting??

David Lowe

August 13, 20181:42 pm

Nice video Devin….clear and simple. Can you shoot a video about setting up products in sub categories from a main menu with child sub categories. Its not very well explained in the shoplift tutorials and looks way more complicated than Big Commerce ๐Ÿ˜‰


August 16, 20187:03 am

How much will yo services benefit my brand?

Stephen Feid

August 17, 20181:09 pm

Alot on the pixels, very quick on the confusing part, adding pixel to Shopify, etc….need to go into more depth and slow down.

Anne Loftus

August 17, 20181:39 pm

Learned from this today thank you

Carrie Lloyd

August 18, 20189:00 am

Thank you Devin for sharing your knowledge! I cant express how much I appreciate it.


Sincerely, Carrie

Manuel Gomez

August 18, 20184:47 pm

WOW, did not know that what a tool, thanks.

Jayson Watkins

August 20, 201812:29 pm

thankyou good value


August 21, 20182:56 am

Great info on video! I get that you have this app that will help with an exiting Shopify store… do you have a course for beginners?

Sumeya Muniir

August 21, 20188:56 am

Thank you for the video is good to watch ๐Ÿ’•


August 24, 201811:23 am

I think you need a new Marker.

Laura Palacioz

August 24, 201812:05 pm

I enjoyed the app very much thank you

Zach Pirangi

August 25, 20185:13 am

Thanks great Video.

Christopher taylor

August 25, 20189:32 am

Wonderful start luv see more!

Shanon Williams

August 26, 20187:59 pm

Thanks for the break down on that.You made that simple. For me that’s important the alerts on the phone should beep every time you get a view. Just staying


August 27, 20188:30 pm

Thanks Dev for leading the way and creating this video!

Mark Benson

October 25, 20185:18 am

Much appreciated,.., loading the pixel , or placing it was easier than loading reviews.


October 31, 20183:10 pm

Hey Devin, you are the truth . I’m starting to feel more confident about re-opening my store now that I have a better understanding on how to advertise on FB. Thanks


November 2, 201812:06 pm

Thank you Devin. The video was well informative and I will be applying it to my store when it is ready. Pixel is a great tool indeed. Thanks for showing us how it works.


November 6, 20185:46 pm

dope 4 real,,. best explanation to date

Coach J.Rich Hogate

November 24, 20181:29 pm

Thank you for sharing this information providing the metrics we all need to be looking for. This information plus the Black Friday special is going to be my best chance of making sales on my fishing store over the course of next 30 day’s. Appreciate you Devin! ๐Ÿ™‚


December 3, 20181:03 am

Thank you Devin , useful video
I have my store ready and my FB connected, now if I import a product it suppose to show on store and FB as well right ?
ok but I have to edit the price in shop before save it , is it gonna be shown in FB before changing the price ?
ok after setting the new price in shopify and save it will be on FB, can I edit the audience in FB
please give me wimple example for the process to make it as reference,
thanks again


December 24, 20186:43 am

Thanks for explaining facebook pixel in detail it’s a very useful video. I have started using Trackify app for managing facebook pixel