Patricia Protopapadakis   March 4, 2019

#MotivationMonday: Joe’s Focus Generates $200K a Month


Joe takes the cake for this weeks #MotivationMonday!

Our friend, and SMART user, Joe, was able to put his blinders on and seriously focus on taking his dropshipping business to the next level.

After keeping a stagnant monthly revenue of $30K (which is still amazing), Joe discovered that sticking to the SMART plan would be the push that would be able to change his life. After a few months of following our direction, he was able to scale his business to $200,000 per month.

Joe has now been able to live his dream of working for himself and provide a life that he and his soon to be wife deserve.

Congratulations Joe, and thanks for showing us what we are all truly capable of when we stick to a plan!

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13 thoughts on “#MotivationMonday: Joe’s Focus Generates $200K a Month

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13 Responses


March 4, 20191:03 pm

That’s #revenuegoals right there. Wow.

Jonathan lamb

March 4, 20191:36 pm

Hi I’m currently looking to start my own business and I’m very interested in this method

Richard Derbyshire

March 4, 20193:25 pm

dubious, sceptical, so how can this be done?

    Patricia Protopapadakis

    March 5, 201911:24 am

    Lot’s of determination and optimism 🙂 You’re understandably skeptical, but we have so many customers that are achieving the same results as Joe.

Haz Talets

March 4, 20194:43 pm

Awesome thanks Joe I admire your work enthusiasm wow perseverance was a virtue for you my friend and a lesson nice to meet you If you can do it a let’s give it a go from an impatient dude I liked it


March 4, 20196:52 pm

What’s the detail process and what dies it take to get in

Danny Hopkins

March 4, 20197:02 pm

Awesome Jonathan!

Bea Mendi

March 6, 20193:56 pm

I was wondering how much seed money is enough to start business plus the HCOM school for a couple months..??

    Devin Zander

    March 6, 20195:55 pm

    I wouldn’t get started with less than $1,500 – $2,000 that you’re willing to spend (including the cost of the course itself)