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#MotivationMonday: Austin’s Execution Strategy Generates $1k/Day

SMART customer, Austin, holds the seat for this week’s #MotivationMonday! Like so many of us, Austin was taking aimless shots at eCommerce for about a year that yielded little return. Anxieties due to the thought of possibly failing held him back from his highest potential. Austin then started using techniques he learned from his friends […]

#MotivationMonday: Jennifer Makes $26,000.00/Month and Changes Her Life

The spotlight is on Jennifer for this weeks #MotivationMonday! Jennifer and her husband were raising a family and struggling financially when one day she decided to change their situation.  She went out on a limb and decided to take a risk that would improve their lives. Jennifer went on to become an entrepreneur of a […]

#MotivationMonday: Adrian Makes $1000.00/Day On His Shopify Store

SMART Apps would like to give a huge shoutout to Adrian, thanks for being our #MotivationMonday! Adrian was able to launch an eCommerce store WHILE working the 9-5 grind at his day job and STILL was able to quickly get his store to $700-$1000 per day in revenue So for those of you who think […]

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