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How You Can Identify The Most Profitable Shopify Trends & Capitalize On Them

Hey friends! It’s your favorite (and technically the only) Customer Success Coach from SMAR7 Apps, Patricia here again! Do you ever find yourself wondering how some companies can predict trends before they are even established, stocking their store with the hottest products before their customers even realize that they want it? Is it magic? Probs not. […]

Six Lies Dropshipping “Experts” Are Spreading

When starting out in dropshipping, most people are completely new to the idea, and the concept of e-commerce as a whole – still working day jobs and trying to learn as much about this new career prospect as possible. Forums after forums, search after search, youtube video after video – the internet provides a wealth […]

The Best Shopify Niches Of 2019 (And Products In Each Niche!)

As 2018 comes to a close, let’s take a look back on the many trends that came along with it. Anything infused with apple cider vinegar The leopard print comeback Smart home accessories The formidable dad sneaker Weekend brunch-ing as a highly competitive sport Although it is hard to imagine a new year without these things […]

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