Facebook Is Trying REALLY HARD To Send You Sales, Here’s How You Can Let Them (Part 1)


written by Devin Zander | June 27, 2017



Hey there, Devin Zander here!

King of the conceivable universe (just kidding, if anything I’m the king of dogs. Mostly Boston Terriers)

So, you don’t know a single thing about Facebook ads? That’s okay… We all started there, hell a lot of people don’t even realize there are ads on Facebook to this day and think it’s all just content!

Now you’re in luck, I have absolutely awesome news for you!

You see, Facebook REALLY WANTS TO HELP YOU MAKE SALES! Obviously, it makes sense, if they can help you make sales, then you’ll spend more money on their advertising service!

So what they’ve done is spent years and I’m sure hundreds of millions of dollars developing the absolute best advertising platform on the planet… And with that, they developed what they call “The Facebook Pixel” which is constantly tracking everything people do on your website and using that data to BETTER SERVE ADS

For instance, if you have people purchasing stuff on your website, Facebook will track their purchases and how much money they spend on your website

Facebook will then take that data and go back to their ad platform, then they’ll try to find people who are as SIMILAR AS POSSIBLE to that person to ensure that everyone who sees your ads are EXTREMELY LIKELY TO PURCHASE

Make sense?


Now watch the video above so you can understand it fully

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53 thoughts on “Facebook Is Trying REALLY HARD To Send You Sales, Here’s How You Can Let Them (Part 1)

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Genie | August 3, 20173:25 pm

Nice way to break down how Facebook ads works for you. Thanks for the great video πŸ‘πŸ½

Kevin Vaughan | August 6, 20171:01 pm

Great info. I was not aware of the FB pixel before. It has been implemented immediately. Thanks for your help.

Peggy | August 6, 20173:45 pm

Thanks for the video! How about ppe ads? Does more social proof help to lower ad cost?

guy | August 9, 20175:04 pm

Very good, Devin. I sold my brick and mortar business a year ago and hate retirement. I would very much like to get into the internet sales business. But, I’m totally confused. I’ve watched a dozen
“pitches” and every one “appears” to be a winner (and pretty much says the other ways are a scam). Some say emails are the way, others FACEBOOK, and others suggest Amazon. I’m ready to pull the trigger on my next adventure but I’m totally confused. Any advise.

Steven Daniels | August 22, 20173:53 pm

Nice simple explanation, great stuff.

cindy | August 22, 20175:49 pm

Thanks BIG time! I had a somewhat understanding however now I get it!

Isabel | August 22, 201710:36 pm

Super easy to understand. Thank you so muc! Looking forward to Part 2.

Devesh | August 23, 20173:20 am

Great video again and very informative. Great work Devin !

Johng123 | August 23, 20179:30 am

you’re truly a just right webmaster. The site loading speed is incredible. It kind of feels that you are doing any distinctive trick. In addition, The contents are masterpiece. you’ve performed a magnificent task in this subject! dafdkcdebgde

Dave Lumpkin | August 24, 20172:15 pm

Good video, just wish I understood it better. I’m on the Ads Manager site, but I don’t see the pixels on the right side of the page so therefore I can’t copy and paste it into Shopify. So if you can help with this I would really appreciate it.

Thank you,

Antonio Smith | August 24, 20173:26 pm

Thank you for this video Devin. I got this email at the right time. Before I found you, I was advised to add my pixel code t my theme.liquid in the head tag but you mention that I only need to add it in the checkout box. Does this mean I am duplicating results?



Bob Taia | August 24, 20177:38 pm

Hi mate I m new to all this.And I need help so I know
Were to start thank you

SMAR7 Apps | August 28, 20177:26 pm

[…] them can be directly attributed to your ad. You also want to find out who window shopped and left. The Facebook Pixel helps you do just that. It’s a tiny snippet of delicious code that you install on your Facebook Shopify […]

Nagesh | August 28, 20179:13 pm

Thank you Devin for helping me understand the pixel concept better.

Uriyah | September 5, 20172:12 am

Great info Devin, thanks. I’m about ready to join shopify

SMAR7 Apps | September 6, 20177:07 pm

[…] and interests. Now you are used to targeting people whose information you have acquired, but the Facebook pixel allows you to target people you have absolutely no information about, but who are most certainly in […]

Susan | September 8, 20176:20 pm

Thank you for that explanation!! I implemented the FB pixel, but didn’t really understand completely was it’s set up to do !! Thanks so much!

David Merrick | September 11, 20174:53 pm


David Burleigh | September 11, 201711:17 pm

I’m doing network marketing on the internet. What things are different in doing that as opposed to Shopify or affiliate marketing?

Rob Sutton | September 15, 20175:02 am

Where do I find that FB pixel again?

mourice | September 22, 20177:34 am

wow how i like the pixel, i do it always. Anyway i have just run an ad for the last 17hrs, it has 700 impression, 40 clicks and 2 conversions as per data but no sale. What should i do next?

Christian Calvin | September 25, 20174:33 am

Thank for sharing. Good stuff. I appreciate you sharing and taking the time.


albert widmer ambila | September 25, 20177:37 am

Thanks for the information Devin. You always don’t disappoint us in any training.

Viv | September 27, 20173:54 am

Thank god,, now I get it, thank you for explaining what a pixel is

Henry Thomas | September 30, 20175:33 pm

Where on my Shopify store should I paste the pixel that is copied from Facebook? You was not clear on that. You only say paste to Shopify store after copy.

Sam Lockyer | October 1, 20176:28 am

Best explanation of the FB pixel. I now understand it..


Anthony | October 3, 20173:33 pm

Very helpful thank you

Oludayo Bello | November 2, 20171:42 pm

You rock man, you are always giving out cool stuffs. You are appreciated.

My main problem is how to get the exact audience when you are just getting started with FB ADs…Can put more light into this? Regards

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