Devin Zander   May 26, 2017

How You Can Harness Facebook’s Search To Find Profitable Products.

Hey there, Devin Zander here… Again!

Today we’re going to show you how you can find highly profitable products to sell by harnessing the power of Facebook’s Open Graph Search!

Don’t know what Open Graph Search is? Well… Good news friend, that’s why we created that shiny video for you that you see above.

Don’t pretend like you didn’t see it, the video has been staring you directly in the face

Anyways, we’ll be finding products that have already been proven to sell, neat right?

Then you can take these bad boys and either

  • Use them for inspiration
  • Try to sell them on your own

You’re an adult so we’ll let you make your own decision, however we’d recommend choice #1

So, enjoy the video and let us know what you think by commenting below!

PS… If you share, you’ll be entered in a drawing for a puppy

Is the puppy real or is it stuffed? Only one way to find out…

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12 thoughts on “How You Can Harness Facebook’s Search To Find Profitable Products.

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12 Responses


August 19, 20176:29 pm

Best intro ever! hahaha


August 22, 20178:21 pm

Hi, so I signed up for the free report, then the $9 report. I am hesitant to sign up for the $47 one time fee due to another fee coming down the pipe line. Can you verify,confirm no other fees are involved?

    Devin Zander

    August 22, 20178:51 pm

    Hey Cindy, the only fees you’ll ever have are the ones you choose to. We have apps that cost monthly pricing and a course that costs $1997.00 and if you want them, it’s up to you!


September 15, 20171:29 pm

Notify me of profitable product

Joshua Mushauri

September 20, 20173:45 pm

Great video and quite clear and instructive. Thanks Devin!

Antje Raymond

September 22, 20175:06 am

Interesting way to find product thanks

Sherry Scheuerman

September 25, 20179:08 pm


How do I post a product so it will appear on the page in the video?