Niche Store VS General Store – Which One Should You Be Making?


written by Devin Zander | July 26, 2017


Okay so we get it… You don’t know if you should be running a niche store or a general store and that’s fine!

In fact this is probably one of the most common questions we receive at SMAR7 Apps so don’t worry you’re not alone…

Both websites have their advantage (though personally I’ll niche down every single time) and in this video we’ll be breaking down a few points about each type!

PS… I hope you guys like the new website, we’ve been working hard on it!

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My new comment

Devin Zander | July 31, 201711:39 pm

Hey guys!

John Taylor | August 20, 20171:11 pm

He’ll Devin. Can you send me your email address? I have several questions.

Cody | August 22, 20174:00 pm

Thank you, This is just what I was looking for ๐Ÿ™‚

TERRY ZANDER | September 25, 201711:56 pm

this was a great help!

Bob Haas Jr | October 6, 20171:13 am

I came across these articles looking for something else. Didn’t even know they existed. They aren’t on the main menu or the footer links. I think it would help sell memberships if visitors could find them easier, especially people referred by other members. They will answer newbie questions, like this one did for me, and give newcomers examples of your expertise and teaching style. The better they can understand that, and have more confidence that they can achieve ecomm success with your training, the more willing they will be to sign up for training. Looking forward to viewing the rest of them!

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