Devin Zander   October 8, 2018

The 8 Shopify Apps You Cannot Live Without (ya need em, folks).

Hey there, it’s me Devin Zander writing from 30,000 feet up in the air as I flee the wrath of hurricane Irma (best of luck to all of you brave Floridians who stayed behind) it just so happened I had a flight booked out of here to Shopify HQ in Ottawa by total coincidence the same weekend everyone started evacuating

I guess luck was on my side

Anyways, let’s get to the business folks, today we’re sharing the EIGHT APPS you can’t live without. Seriously, without them, you might drop dead at the end of the day Final Destination style (okay probably not, I’m just in a very dramatic mood with the hurricane and all… Plus I had a Makers Mark (or as Brutus likes to call them, Makers Bark) or six!

What A Great Intro, Now, Let’s Get To Those Apps.

Off the bat, we’re going to start off with Sales Apps or as Shopify classifies them:

“Motivate purchases and increase order value. Add smart recommendations, recover abandoned carts, and create an affiliate marketing program. Integrate a wishlist option and product bundles to boost sales. Encourage sales with the option to leave product reviews on your website.”

So to put it simply, these apps will get you more sales on your store so you can buy either A: More Pizza or B: More toys for your dog and the dreaded THIRD choice for you oddballs…. C: Food to keep living (I know what you’re thinking, but you already mentioned pizza! Come on, we don’t eat pizza to live, we eat it because it’s the best carbohydrates on the planet…)

So, here are the top apps to help boost sales on your Shopify store:

 #1: SMAR7 Bundle Upsell: Okay so we’re starting off the list with one of our own apps, sure! But increasing your average order value can mean life or death for a business… It’s the difference between profitability and closing down for good!

Shopify Apps
So the idea behind the app is pretty simple, let’s pretend you go to your local shoe store, let’s pretend it’s Foot Locker or Journeys. Every single time you purchase a pair of shoes they offer you some socks! That’s what’s known as an upsell and it’s what allows them to be profitable. You see, they may be breaking even on those shoes… However, once they sell you the socks, it’s pure PROFIT baby! KA-CHING call ya grandma, let her know upsells are in town and they’re making you serious bank! (If your grandmother is no longer around, god forbid… Call our company Dog Brutus here: 727-dog-boye)

With an app such as SMAR7 Bundle, when someone purchases something on your site, you can now offer them a complimentary item with it! So, if a user purchases shoes on your store you can say something along the lines of “Nice Shoes, Here Are Some Socks To Go With Them!”  and with that your average order value will go from $59.99 to $69.99 and in the long runs… That means a lot more $$$ I mean that’s a 15% increase in revenue!

So, when you start doing volume, let’s pretend you do $10,000.00 in sales, that means you’ll generate a whopping extra $1,500.00!

And what’s that mean? You can spend more money on ads to acquire a sale OR just sit back and enjoy that extra revenue… Either way, you, my friend, are winning!

What’s that I hear, your heart racing as you get all excited over the extra revenue this app is going to generate you? I don’t blame you, we’ve worked hard on this bad boy for years… Constantly updating it… It’s pretty freaking awesome and certified grandma approved (GMA Nation Positive, baby!)

Here’s what separates SMAR7 Bundle from the pack: Okay, so there are a lot of upsell apps and it can be difficult to choose which one. SO I wanted to make you truly understand why SMAR7 Bundle is the no brainer

#1: 30-Day Free Trial – what what, 30 days, we’re nuts! We know our stuff works, and we encourage you to try it out free of charge for 30 days and then let the app pay for itself! By the time that charge comes, you won’t even notice it debit your account since you racked up all that extra revenue!

#2: Separate Version For Mobile & Desktop: In a world filled with thousands of different devices, it’s so important your store looks great on every single device. You need a personalized experience for mobile, desktop, tablet, smart fridge, toaster… Anywhere someone can shop from, it’s important your message is displayed well.

upsell app

#3: Gamified Upsells: So not only will you be upselling your customers and earning more of that oh so sweet cash… You’ll also be doing what’s known as “gamification” which is a HUGE booster in not only conversions but overall customer experience. It basically makes spending more money on your store… FUN for your customers and turns it into a game! They receive incentive and get rewarded for spending more money on your store.

So for instance, you can say “Spend $14.00 More And Receive 10% Off Your Entire Order” and even though you give a discount, you still receive an extra $12.00 profit… Not bad, huh! You can also use techniques such as “Spen $10 More & Get Free Shipping”

And if you’re not feeling fun at all… (Which, I don’t recommend) you can just say “Hey Here’s More Stuff You Can Buy” and not give any incentive at all… Boooooooo, party pooper

#4: Continued, Dedicated & Passionate Support: Above all else, SMAR7 Apps prides itself as a company with it’s customers in mind first. We want to see you succeed (hell, we won’t even make money if you don’t succeed because you’ll cancel our apps) so because of that, we always go above and beyond for our customers (you)

Need 1-on-1 help? You got it. Have a feature request? We’d love to hear it. Want some training? We run 7-Figure stores, we have the best training on the market… Safe to say

You’re in good hands with us.

You can start your 30-Day Free trial of SMAR7 Bundle by Clicking here (we’ll also send you some awesome Facebook training just for signing up!)

#2: Sales Pop By Beekeeting: Here we have the #2 sales app (maybe it deserves to be #4 honestly, but I’m seriously in love with this technology, we use it all the time in our software business!)

Shopify App

So what exactly does the app… Do? Pretty simple, in the bottom left of your website you can show recent purchases on your store! (I think they even allow you to create fake pop ups as well)

So if Diane purchased shoes, in the bottom left it’ll say “Diane Recent Purchases Shoes X Minutes Ago” and this creates HUGE social proof for your website. People know that your stuff is in demand, and that makes them want to purchase it!

Shopify Apps

So let me put this in perspective for you… Let’s pretend you’re in high school and everyone is going nuts about these certain shoes, shirts or brands… It kind of makes you want one and OH LOOK people are buying them quickly, they’re selling out!

It makes people purchase. It boosts conversions.

Can’t remember your high school days? Okay then, let’s pretend you’re walking around the town (maybe driving if you’re all fancy and have a license) and you see a restaurant you’ve never seen before… It’s freaking PACKED, we’re talking FILLED TO THE BRIM, people overflowing into the streets!

Guess what, now you think this restaurant is Gordon Ramsay’s best gift to your city and you want to try it… Social proof baby, it flat out, works.

The best part of all? The app is free, oh yeahhh free baby, call ya grandma up, tell her you’re taking her to that swanky new overflowing restaurant because you, my friend just saved a lot of moeny on car insurance. Oh, no not insurance, just on the app

You can install sales pop, free of charge, by clicking here

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